What is TRITON?

TRITON is a mass participation triathlon and multisport series, that brings participants together from across the globe to great destinations.

And how is it different?

We came to realize the most important thing about the events is not the distance it’s not the prizes, the finisher medal or finisher t-shirt, it’s the experience, it’s about the intangible value, what more can you take from a race beyond the finish line.

Designing TRITON was an amazing journey that took us from creating the brand pillars, to the image, to the racing formats, to the distances, to build the desired intangible value we aim to deliver at every race.

We question everything in this process, asked for feedback and TRITON was born with a very strong identity, principles, and values.

The series has 3 very distinct race formats and stands alone in the way it connects all 3 racing formats under one brand and one concept, with 3 strong pillars leading the brand DNA: the Mandala finisher medal, the Numerology and the SISU mentality.

TRITON, taking place on three consecutive days, allowing athletes to tackle each discipline individually (swim, bike and run), and with more focus on the destination experience; TRITON 1, a one-day triathlon; and TRITON VS, a Virtual Series offering different hybrid events and challenges on a global scale, while promoting real event courses and different causes.

Each TRITON event takes place in one destination at a time. No race competes with other races within the same race format, on the same month.

TRITON series has a maximum of 12, simultaneous, different host destinations, and all with all race formats, making it a series of 12, 3 days race format, and 12 one day race format.

Race distances may vary to better adapt to the overall region experience and unique local features, depending on the location where the event is taking place. This is probably one of the most disruptive aspects of TRITON, from race to race you may face a different challenge and distance. The most important aspect for us is to deliver the “spirit and soul” of TRITON at every event, the core pillars and intangible value.

All TRITON races however, offer 3 distances in a total of 72 full race format competitions worldwide, and a community of thousands of participants, on both the live and hybrid events.

TRITON is about change and innovation in triathlon and multiport racing. It is about intangible value. Beyond reaching the finish-line.
It is about celebrating the start as much or more than the finish. We believe getting to the start-line is the first and probably the most important mind-set to achieve your goals.

You may train a full year, be as ready and as fit as ever before, but many different things, out of your control, can happen during a race that will stop you from finishing, BUT, as long as you are willing to get to the start-line, over and over again, one day you will finish the finish-line, one day you will achieve your goals.

When was TRITON born?

TRITON first conversations came about in late 2017. We saw a need for change, a need to improve and to offer a different way of racing and experiencing racing. We wanted to offer something different, we wanted to offer more.

“Everyday athletes” (as we like to think of ourselves), are looking for new experiences, new challenges and that is what TRITON is all about.

After developing the brand and concept, we were ready to launch, and then, the pandemic came around and hit us hard with no merci. We struggled not to let it die for two long years.

The amazing thing is that the pandemic seemed to give us confirmation we were in the right path and doing the right thing. It gave more meaning and purpose to what we were trying to do.

The importance of intangible value on everything we do is more present and alive than ever.

We stayed EAGER. BRAVE. STRONG, and somehow, we manage to survive, and TRITON goes live on October of 2022.

What is next?

Moving forward, but not always in a straight line. To build the series up. TRITON has a plan to reach all 12 destinations until 2027 and launch the first series world finals.

The world series finals will host the 3 days race format, the one-day race format, the individual, by sport race format, and, a special stand-alone 3 days pro race in a unique chasing format.

The chase format will see female and male athletes start the swim together on day one, but, the next day, the first athletes, female, and male, from the swim, will start first and the other athletes will follow to try to chase them down, with the time difference they finish the swim.

Every TRITON event will be a qualifier event for the series finals through a ranking system to be announced.

We look forward to introducing new destinations to the series and taking TRITON across the globe.