TRITON is a new world series looking to change the face of triathlon trough innovation, in many different aspects, and new competition race formats, across the globe.

TRIATHLON comes from a Greek word that means “three battles”. In its traditional format, athletes must complete the three disciplines (swim, cycle and run) on a single day.

TRITON offers 3 distinct formats, the 1-day traditional triathlon format competition, a 3-days triathlon competition, separating each sport in consecutive days, and a gym series coming up soon.

At TRITON you may choose to race individually, as a team or mix & match the distances of each segment. You race the way you want.

The competition will vary from race to race, and from place to place, as we look to deliver what a destination has best to offer. But no race will happen in more than one place, at one time.

Adaptability to the region by changing distances that best suit the location and even the time of the year is one way we change the game.

No one way is the right way but all at TRITON was design based on the numerology of the 3. 6. 9.

Mathematics is everywhere around us, and it manifests itself through the trifecta, ENERGY. FREQUENCY. VIBRATION., in all wonders of nature, again and again, providing a structural framework for the physical world. TRITON’s mathematical trifecta manifests itself on the magnificence of Nikola Tesla’s 3, 6 and 9 theory and his believe these numbers hold the key to the universe.

We focus in delivering a as sustainable as possible series, introducing reusable materials everywhere possible and looking at digital assets, NFTs and tokens secured in the blockchain as a way to move away from physical properties and reduce the impact on the environment.

Endurance racing has been the same for ages, and We are here to offer you an alternative. Innovation Is our oxygen.

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