TRITON is a triathlon global series in a stage like format, taking place across 3 consecutive days, always in the same sequence, swim, bike and run, coming together at a world series finals event, changing host destinations every three years.

Under the umbrella brand, TRITON offers TRITON 1, a triathlon in a regular one-day format and is developing and indoor series aiming to take triathlon to gyms across the globe introducing triathlon to a larger audience.

Both formats always offer 3 distances, SHORT, MIDDLE and LONG.

TRITON’s history is its own from day one, we don’t copy, we transform, we innovate, we don’t follow, we lead.

We focus on delivering amazing races to triathletes but also challenging swimmers, cycling enthusiasts, runners, and endurance sports athletes,  people in general, looking for new formats to challenge themselves.

TRITON series comes together at the annual world finals event to be announced soon.

Both TRITON race formats will qualify for the finals.