We believe in the power of sports to make an impact in our society and deliver values like no other academic discipline can.

We believe in the power of sports as a key element in the up bringing and education of the younger generations.


“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand” (Quote: Nelson Mandela)

TRITON designed 3 key vectors we follow for success, financial, social, and environmental. We want to see its implementation and result from start to end. We want to know and see the result of our positive impact. We want to make sure we are different and make a difference. How we tackle each of these vectors, speaks to the core values of the brand and what we believe in.

TRITON global series is based on a local three-party partnership that’s aims to come together to deliver the best events possible. TRITON, the LRH (local rights holder) and the Destination. The commitment, collaboration, and involvement of all three parties is key to the success and to meet everyone’s expectations, starting with the participants, the most important of all and ultimately who we work for.


Financial Sustainability:

TRITON is a global series based on a licensee business model. Our role is to insure we find and maintain the best partners, globally, to apply and deliver the brand values, pillars, principles, strategy, and image, as well as the event’s format. 

Participants, host destinations and our local licensee partners, as well as our global sponsor partners, are the brands biggest assets and value, and we do everything in our power to protect them and add value.

We believe financial sustainability starts and comes from our local partners. Not with the brand. If they succeed, we all succeed, this is our approach. One of the many ways we assist in this field is by licensing not just the event but also the month.


We believe less is more and having destination and partners competing under the same brand and region in the same calendar dates / month, destroys value to them and to the destination, and their chance to succeed. We want to offer quality before quantity. 

To accomplish this, TRITON will be host by 12 destinations only, each having the rights to that calendar month*

* TRITON has two live race formats, the 3 days event and the one-day event, TRITON 1, therefore, it is possible that two TRITON events happen in the same month, in different regions, if it is in a different format.


It’s not about the distance.

The second way we assist in this matter is to have a series that can have different distances from race to race. Offering different distances that better suits the destination only adds value to participants, the destination that allows for the destination and LRH to be able to showcase what the region has best to offer, and. It also assists the organizer on their vision to what distances fit better the region and they want to offer.

The most important value about TRITON is its essence, “spirit and soul”. As long as this is achieved under its brand pillars, event numerology rules, the mandala medal, the sisu mentality and competition formats, its what matters the most, for us, it’s not about the distance (s).


Social Sustainability. 

TRITON has a program called tennis shoes 4all kids that consists in donating tennis shoes to under privileged kids in the regions where TRITON events take place. 

Together with the tennis shoes, kids will have access to TRITON VS (virtual series) special kids’ program. TRITON VS challenges kids to run in the official run course and record their time / activity with our TRITON VS app. After completing their activity, they will synchronize the app with the platform and “gamify” their results and effort. A ranking with results can then be shared with friend’s trough other apps and social media. 

Digital solutions and integration with real world are a big part of the future and the next generations. Integrating it in a positive way with measurable results is our value proposition with digital TRITON VS (virtual series) digital platform. 

The conjunction of a three days format, a one day format and a digital solution is a full 360º degrees experience we aim to bring to everyone across the globe, developing a community that shares the same values and healthy lifestyle. 


Environmental Sustainability.

We believe in creating a measurable and effective impact, with our actions, on the environment. 

Stop 50 seconds, carry two weightless silicone cups, and save 1.5 litters of water and 10 to 12 bottles or plastic cups of trash at each event you take part. 

There is less than 2% of drinkable water in our planet. Members of some tribes in Africa already must walk more than five miles, daily, to find drinkable water.

People taking part in major mass participation events, mainly in running, waste on average 50% or more of the portion they grab at aid stations to drink. 

An average runner, on a marathon on an average day with average temperature, will grab at least, 12 to 15 water bottles or water cups, each containing about 300 ml, meaning, each participant will generate a trash of at least 12 to 15 water bottles or cups and waist about 1.5 to 2.0 litters of water. 

Events that have upwards of 50.000 participants, are wasting an average of 75.000 to 100.000 thousand litters and are generating  trash of approximately 75.000 to 100.000 plastic containers, or more per event. 

TRITON’s Sustainability Project is based on 3 pillars. The first is on saving water and drinking tap water, the second is on eliminating, as much as possible, all one-use water plastic containers, and the third is about contributing on educating and motivating people to take the right actions by applying these principles and measures.


How it works: 

Every TRITON race participate will get two silicone cups at every TRITON event for their running segment (or they can carry their own hydration system (hydration back-packs or others). No other container to hydrate at aid stations will be provided, participants must carry their silicone cups and use them at aid stations to feel their cups and hydrate. 


To stop, drink and go, an average person will waste no more than 5 seconds. 

On average, on a race, a participant will waste no more than a minute to hydrate. An amazing trade off outcome for the 10 to 12 bottles or cups of trash usually generate by participant. In addition to not generating any plastic trash, by making a quick stop, less than 20% of the water will be wasted, a major difference on minimising the wasting of precious drinkable water. 




What is TRITON?

TRITON is a mass participation triathlon and multisport series, that brings participants together from across the globe to great destinations.

And how is it different?

We came to realize the most important thing about the events is not the distance it’s not the prizes, the finisher medal or finisher t-shirt, it’s the experience, it’s about the intangible value, what more can you take from a race beyond the finish line.

Designing TRITON was an amazing journey that took us from creating the brand pillars, to the image, to the racing formats, to the distances, to build the desired intangible value we aim to deliver at every race. We question everything in this process, asked for feedback and TRITON was born with a very strong identity, principles, and values.


The series has 3 very distinct race formats and stands alone in the way it connects all 3 racing formats under one brand and one concept, with 3 strong pillars leading the brand DNA: the Mandala finisher medal, the Numerology and the SISU mentality.

TRITON, taking place on three consecutive days, allowing athletes to tackle each discipline individually (swim, bike and run), and with more focus on the destination experience; TRITON 1, a one-day triathlon; and TRITON VS, a Virtual Series offering different hybrid events and challenges on a global scale, while promoting real event courses and different causes.

Each TRITON event takes place in one destination at a time. No race competes with other races within the same race format, on the same month.


TRITON series has a maximum of 12, simultaneous, different host destinations, and all with all race formats, making it a series of 12, 3 days race format, and 12 one day race format.


Race distances may vary to better adapt to the overall region experience and unique local features, depending on the location where the event is taking place. This is probably one of the most disruptive aspects of TRITON, from race to race you may face a different challenge and distance. The most important aspect for us is to deliver the “spirit and soul” of TRITON at every event, the core pillars and intangible value.


All TRITON races however, offer 3 distances in a total of 72 full race format competitions worldwide, and a community of thousands of participants, on both the live and hybrid events.


TRITON is about change and innovation in triathlon and multiport racing. It is about intangible value. Beyond reaching the finish-line. It is about celebrating the start as much or more than the finish. We believe getting to the start-line is the first and probably the most important mind-set to achieve your goals.


You may train a full year, be as ready and as fit as ever before, but many different things, out of your control, can happen during a race that will stop you from finishing, BUT, as long as you are willing to get to the start-line, over and over again, one day you will finish the finish-line, one day you will achieve your goals.


When was TRITON born?

TRITON first conversations came about in late 2017. We saw a need for change, a need to improve and to offer a different way of racing and experiencing racing. We wanted to offer something different, we wanted to offer more.

“Everyday athletes” (as we like to think of ourselves), are looking for new experiences, new challenges and that is what TRITON is all about.


After developing the brand and concept, we were ready to launch, and then, the pandemic came around and hit us hard with no merci. We struggled not to let it die for two long years.


The amazing thing is that the pandemic seemed to give us confirmation we were in the right path and doing the right thing. It gave more meaning and purpose to what we were trying to do.


The importance of intangible value on everything we do is more present and alive than ever.

We stayed EAGER. BRAVE. STRONG, and somehow, we manage to survive, and TRITON goes live on October of 2022.


What is next?

Moving forward, but not always in a straight line. To build the series up. TRITON has a plan to reach all 12 destinations until 2027 and launch the first series world finals.


There will be one world series finals that will host the 3 days race format, the one-day race format, the individual and the teams competitions. Every official TRITON event will be a qualifier event for the series finals through a ranking system to be announced.


A pro field chase competition format will also be added to the world finals in a stand-alone pro division event. The unique chase competition format features both female and male athletes starting the swim together on day one, but, the next day, the first athletes, female, and male, from the swim, will start first and the other will follow to try to chase them down, with the time difference they finish the swim. The same happening on the last day of competition, from the bike to the run.

As We look to introducing new destinations to the series and taking TRITON across the globe, We welcome any interested destinations and potential partners to get in touch with us and find out more.

Reach out to us at anytime, at: [email protected]