Maybe We are misfits, rebels, troublemakers, looking to do things differently. But you won’t be able to ignore us.

TRITON is about changing the multi-sports endurance way of racing. It can be a three days triathlon, a one day triathlon, a swim&run, a trail run, a open water or a grand fond,  but its less about racing than it is about you.

We will change the distances from race to race, from place to place, change the ways you can compete and match the distances, change the way you race.

We will race outside and race inside, We will award you NFTs and tokens, and we will secure your performance on the blockchain.

Then We will teach you about our numerology, our DNA, give you a mandala medal and look to deliver more than you can imagine. We are more about intangible value.

Innovation Is our oxygen. Endurance racing has been the same for ages, and We are here to offer you an alternative.

In the process, We will make mistakes, but we will be learning from them.

Most of all, we believe in you, We believe in:

Making Your Mind Stronger Than Your Body


The inverted triangle.

In alchemical drawings, the inverted triangle is often used to indicate the beginning of the process of transformation.