Gym Series

Has the purpose to introduce training and competition in a safe and controlled gym environment, to motivate and help getting ready to more serious training and ultimately to an outdoors event. It’s about fitness trough sports training and competition.

Starting indoors in a familiar and controlled environment, in a “gym class” format, with other members, is the perfect way to be introduce to the sport, to be motivated with professional support and confidence to get started.

Sports oriented training and competition in gyms has been a reality for quite some time. It helps finding commitment, motivation and at the same time introduces people to real competition.

The training sessions format is simple and short making it possible to fit into anyone’s schedule, much like any other gym class.

Three disciplines in one training session, swim, bike and run for 15 min each (training sessions time maybe vary from gym to gym). The goal of the training sessions is to get people used to the three sports, in a row, in a short period, and with short rest time and transitions.

The GYM SERIES will lead to indoor competitions periodically (you may choose not to compete, just rain), deliver awards in a NFT – token format, secured in the blockchain. And, offer special premium access to live outdoor events.

We will get you started indoors to get you to the outdoors.
Making Your Mind Stronger Than Your Body!

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