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The Secret Gardens of the Atlantic

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Triton World Series

TRITON World Series is a worldwide circuit of long-distance multisport races, focusing on the three segments of a triathlon: swim, bike and run. Each race is run over 3 days, one for each of the 3 sports, with the respective times added together in the end. There are also 3 distances to choose from, giving everyone the opportunity to participate.

18/19/20 October 2019

TRITON World Series is a worldwide circuit with 


18th October 2019

1.5 KM | 3 KM | 4.5 KM


19th October 2019

50 KM | 100 KM | 150 KM


20th October 2019

10 KM | 20 KM | 30 KM

Where the event takes place


Bursting with color and dramatic volcanoes, the Azores looks like they could be at the edge of the world. Europe ends here!

Azores is an archipelago of nine insanely beautiful islands, full of endemic species, where you can go up and down the volcanos, walk through the only fields of tea in all of Europe, enjoy thermal springs, observe 21 different whale and dolphin species, all of that, and much more.

Azores is still the best kept secret of Europe. The Azores archipelago is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – some call them the Hawaii of the Atlantic. The nine volcanic islands are just about 1,500 km away from continental Portugal, and about 3,900 km away from North America.


Don't miss the opportunity of being part of a great event!
TRITON Wold Series will debut in Azores, on the 18th October 2019.